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The United Nations Climate Change Conference that took place in Paris between November 30 and December 11 th left some disappointment for those involved with the maritime industry , given the absence of a final resolution about the cut of CO2 emissions for the sector.

However, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) said in a press release that the organization´s commitment will stay the same with the goals of CO2 emissions reduction across the world merchant fleet by at less 50% before 2050 compared to 2007.

On the document, the organization´s General Secretary, Peter Hinchliffe suggests the need for urgent action from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to lead the movement towards total decarbonisation. Hinchliffe highlighted that unilateral or regional initiatives would be disastrous for the shipping sector .

“Time finally ran out to agree a compromise on international transport acceptable to all nations, but nothing is really lost,” said Hinchliffe.

The General Secretary of the ICS offered the support of the maritime industry and the IMO would continue working for reaching the suggested goals.

Read the ICS press release here  
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