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we Streamline Logistical Operations

About Us

  • lol英雄联盟 was established in 1988 with the purpose of serving Shipping Lines and NVOCCs as a billing and collection agent for container demurrage and damage caused to intermodal equipment.

    Our goal  is to optimize profitability and minimize the turn-around time of containers. Today, Veconinter offers a wide range of services to the maritime industry such as: advanced equipment control programs, insurance policies, equipment inspections, as well as a variety of high quality services.

    Our years of experience , reputation, and highly specialized team have led us to expand our operations to more than 18 different countries in order to satisfy the demands of our growing clientele.

  • Our mission is to offer competitive services to the maritime industry by utilizing innovative and state of the art technology, and promoting process standardization among container users through our experienced staff, which is committed in maintaining quality control processes in order to ensure total client satisfaction.

  • Our vision is to be a world of solutions for the maritime industry… changing behaviors. 

  • We base our quality policy on the principle of providing invoicing and collection services for demurrage, detention, and damages to intermodal equipment that satisfies and exceeds the expectations of our clients. We achieve these goals through the application of a flexible model that adjusts to our client’s needs and demands.

    “lol英雄联盟 employs innovative technology and is continuously improving all processes through the implementation of development and training programs for the work force, with the goal of harnessing an environment of excellence and quality.”,

  • Veconinter’s administrative and operative services are supported by an advanced technological platform developed and managed by a qualified group of professionals in order to assure a high quality service to all our clients.
    Through a continuous improvement strategy for our technological platform we guarantee the correct development of all our services. As well as the constant improvement of our processes in order to increase efficiency, maximizing the benefits of using new technologies.
    Veconinter is currently migrating from its SCI© (Sistema de Cobranzas Intermodales) system to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) from SAP, as part of the constant investment on new reliable technologies.


  • Veconinter's Board of Directors understands the importance of compliance and adherence to our values as an organization and social individuals, understanding the impact of our actions worldwide. For this reason, we are committed to ensuring strict compliance with our code of ethics  ,which frames all the behaviors desired by Veconinter, as well as making clear certain situations in which our organization is not involved thanks to our strict both internal and external controls.

    Our actions, as well as our talents and organization are characterized by adherence to this regulation framed by global ethical values and principles in the transparency of our actions. We formally commit to execute and monitor the implementation of this Code in order to certify to all our related parties the highest degree of professionalism and legitimacy in all our actions.

    The Board of Directors



The transparency of our management allows our clients to certify the integrity of the services that we offer.


We deliver reliable services and successfully achieve the established goals.


The key factor that leads us to work in a constant, efficient, and effective way.


We bring confidence to our clients through a solid and responsible management of all our services.


Our trust, commitment and responsability to achieve common goals. 


We value the different interests and beliefs of our customers and employees.

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